100% love it
Great little cocktail bar
Ruby's is difficult to find, as it's actually in a regular apartment in an old building near the Parliament. It has a very discreet sign, and sometimes an even discreeter doorman. Once inside, you'll be treated to delicious cocktails in a lounge-style setting that actually feels like someone's own home - and that's because it was just that. Not a place for rowdy, noisy parties, although a local ad agency does hang out there a lot, which gives a hint about the type of people you'll see - creative types, theater-goers and fashionistas. Not really gay, but this is Copenhagen, where no one cares which team you play for.


    • RuthlessCountess
      RuthlessCountess Over a year ago

      Supposed to be the best cocktail bar in town. For one the venue is really amazing, and that adds a lot. Cocktails are good / correct. Sometimes they “experiment” a bit too much with classic cocktails and they do not look or taste as they should. Beware the bitchy waitress.