Tisvildeleje Beach

100% love it
Popular gay nudist beach beside a forest - but it's a long walk
Denmark's answer to Fire Island in terms of an empty, unspoiled beach with the forest behind, Tisvildeleje is one of Denmark's best places to be on a hot summer day. About one and a half hours from the city by train (take the S train to Hillerød and change to the small local train to Tisvildeleje), it is worth the trek. But be prepared for a long hike from the train or your car. Follow the crowds down into the village when you get off the train, passing restaurants and cafes on the way for about a kilometer. For the gay area once you get to the beach, just keep walking west until you stop seeing people with clothes and after that, stop seeing women.... Absolutely no facilities once you pass the ice cream kiosk, so take everything you need with you. If you're on bikes, you can take them on the train, space permitting (extra ticket required), and there are good paths through the forest to get you there all the quicker. A fantastic day out of the city.


    • jkbhdk
      jkbhdk Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really nice - also outside the season if you want solitude and enjoy nature
      If traveling by car you may also get there from the east side. Navigate to the parking lot at Stængehus in the forest. Between Ramløse and Frederiksværk there is large road. Just after supermarket in halfways between Ramløse and Frederiksværk you turn to the North towards Liseleje and Asserbo. After about 1 kilometer a sign says Kattegat 2 km. Here you enter an unpaved parking lot and in the corner to the left the road to the beach begins. Follow the unpaved road through the forest to a small roundabout and turn right there and follow the road as it turns left and park at the parking lot (GPS N 56.03254 E012.012863). In the season go early since it may fill up pretty quickly (Alternatively take the second road at the roundabout to the bigger parking lot there - but then it is a longer walk). Bringing a bike makes local transport easier (small map guide is usually avaliable at the far north east corner of the parking lot. Remember to bring all you need - No stores out there :-) Also nice for a walk or hike outside the season in the spring and autumn.