MIX Academy // This Is How We Do It


This Is How We ”Do” It – get it? With this short film programme we show a small selection of the vast diversity of sexpositive, queer, feminist, and LGBT porn that has thrilled audiences and juries at porn film festivals over the past few years. Trans* and queer people in particular are claiming their place both in front of and behind the camera and demanding to determine how their bodies, desires, and identities are represented. It’s porn that’s meant to enlighten, entertain, and most of all excite – and to show and celebrate the diversity, creativity, and enthusiasm that characterises contemporary LGBTQ porn.

After the short film programme, an international panel of porn consumers, porn producers, and cultural analysts will discuss how different genres of porn are used as both political platform and playground for otherwise marginalised bodies, genders, and sexualities.

The short film program starts at 16.30/4.30pm, and you can buy tickets at the festival website or Cinematekets website.
The debate is free and starts at 18.15/6.15pm in Asta Bar in Cinemateket.


- Sadie Lune: porn performer

- Christian Slaughter: porn director

- Frix Rode: porn consumer

- Laura Mølgaard Tams: porncurious

Moderator: Moussa Mchangama Jonsson

We will update the event continuously - stay tuned!


This MIX Academy is in English only. The short film programme is also in English without subtitles. The MIX Academy is free and takes place after the short film programme. Tickets for the short film programme can be purchased at the festival website or Cinemateket's website.

Cinemateket is wheel chair accessible.


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