Glittermania 2.0: The Eco-Sparkly Coral Reef


OK! We hereby give in to the massive pressure, from all you beautiful people, to make GLITTERMANIA a reoccurring event. So here you go: GLITTERMANIA 2.0!

We are proud to present a glittery coral reef theme, taking you deep into the magical world of sparkly, colourful, UV-reactive creatures and plants. And who knows, maybe even mythical, human-like, creatures of the sea will come visit from the deeper parts of the ocean! Dive into our collective imagination and let yourself live a surreal, beautiful dream, for a night late to be forgotten!

We present
<3 Glittery mythical creatures of the sea
<3 UV reactive glittery coral reef themed décor
<3 Under water glitter visual effects by HACKSTAGE
<3 Face- painting / glitter station (this time staffed with more than 5 facepainters!)
<3 Live mermaid body painting
<3 Awesome DJ´s (TBA)
<3 Fabulous performances and happenings TBA

TICKETS: go on sale on February 11th (one month in advance) at noon (CET). Venue capacity: 800 people.

On a more serious note: Plastics, and especially microplastics, are killing the oceans. EcoSparkles´ Biodegradable Glitter, however, is certified for marine water biodegradability. This means you can look glitter-fabulous with a good conscience! This is our tiny, but at least tangible, contribution to the protection of endangered ocean ecosystems. Thank you for your support ❤


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