Cosy Bar

79% love it
Night owls partying until dawn and beyond
Cosy is an institution in gay Copenhagen, and goes from strength to strength. Definitely the best place to see very drunken Danes having fun. Not easy to find, it's opposite Masken Bar - look down at the ground to see the sign and go up the few steps to the left. On weekends it's so popular it offers a membership card scheme: If there's a doorman make sure he knows you're visiting and there shouldn't be a problem unless it's full. There often is a line outside with a one-out/one-in system. The word 'cosy' is the best translation of 'hyggelig', a very Danish concept and one impossible to translate in one word. Think of being together with your friends, making new friends, having a good time, and having fun. That's Cosy Bar - you can't fail to have a good time.


    • Asti
      Asti Over a year ago
      Hates it

      cozy but ekspansive..
      Cozy place like the name suggests, but after happy hour is not a place to be recommended to students as prices are not held in conjunction class of what you get when prices rise insanely compared to similar places, and if not it's an all-night trip make their wardrobe dictatorship impossible to feel that you have had enough of money, but besides the snobby wardrobe dictators are the remaining staff friendly and the atmosphere at the bar good.

    • BobTheBuilder
      BobTheBuilder Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dodgy place with dodgy people. Still I always tend to end up there when in Copenhagen. :)