FILM: Artivism with LGBT-film festivals from Uganda and Myanmar


Aks International Minorities Festival showcases film programs curated by new festivals promoting LGBTQ rights in Uganda and Myanmar. Using "Art-as-Activism (= Artivism)" the festivals provide an empowering platform for local LGBTQ artists.

&PROUD (and PROUD) is a film and art festival in Yangon, Myanmar, that showcase works of and promotes local LGBT artists. Queer Kampala International Film Festival (QKIFF) is the first film festival in Uganda with focus on LGBT people.

Homosexuality is punished with lifetime or death penalty in both Myanmar and Uganda. Establishing the two festivals helps create a social platform for LGBT people and strengthen activism for basic civil rights. In this film program, “Art-as-Activism, &PROUD and QKIFF will present a series of short films produced by local artists and LGBT people in both countries.

After the screening meet Mirakel Rakkaus Hossy, festival director of QKIFF and Jan-Willem van Rooij, festival director of &PROUD for the Q&A.

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