SLM - Scandinavian Leather Men

96% love it
The biggest, newest leather club in Northern Europe
SLM Copenhagen is an S/M and fetish club for guys into leather, rubber, uniforms and lots of other fetishes. Run entirely by volunteers, it allows membership though reciprocal arrangements, meaning you should bring your membership card if you're a member of a similar or ECMC club. Visitors can also apply for temporary membership at the door. The club is open every Friday and also has special theme nights most Saturdays. The dresscode is strictly enforced, so check the website to make sure you don't turn up in leather on rubber night! Their "Fuck & Dance" parties are their most popular events, when they have a DJ playing in the darkroom. Non-smoking but with a smoking room equipped with a sling.... To get in when the gate is closed, press "SLM" on the intercom - and if someone has removed the "SLM" label again, press "17C Stuen".


    • DwayneA
      DwayneA Over a year ago
      Hates it

      They are racists and don’t let people of color into the club

    • Kinky... lol
      THE leather and fetish club in Copenhagen. Smaller than one would expect but hey! this is an small city! Reasonably priced drinks but stick to beer if you like ice in your drinks (for there is none). Basement is the action area, with a water sports area, some slings and a dark area. Condoms everywhere. No gear required on Fridays. Specially themed parties on Saturdays. Mixed crowd, but remember Danes hardly talk to strangers...

    • r_agul
      r_agul Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good feeling
      I went to slm last saturday that was really good for me. I enjoyed a lot. I have seen lots of good looking guys, totally I like the place, the sad they open only at 10pm my last train is 12.39 so I was waiting 6 hours for next train.

    • italsub
      italsub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a place for all fetishes
      in to fetishes? is your place,thamed night also for all "tastes", even extremes, so check before you go there, all ages, all friendly, waht you cannot generally find around clubs you may find there, SM w's,fist so on all possible , for "hard tastes" check thamed nights